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Kundalini Workshops For The Mind, Body and Spirit

These workshops each begin with a different Kundalini class and meditation designed to create healing in the mind, body and spirit. More specific information as to the actual science of shifting energy and thought patterns will be explained. They will each have a unique 40-minute guided visualization written by Petey to add to the experience of this mind, body and spirit practice. Lavender eye pillows, essential oils and kundalini music all add to make this part of the bliss each soul needs to reconnect with in this lifetime! Please bring your most comfy blanket for guided meditations and Savasana!


The previous workshop at my office focused on removing blocks, finding tools for peacefulness and balancing chakras and was a huge success! The guided meditation on chakras was received with total joy by all attending. It was really interesting that people could feel their consciousness shifting on the chakras they specifically needed healing on for their body, mind and spirit.

So many that weren’t able to attend asked that this be a repeat workshop and I am listening! Others very much want to bring their partner or spouse with them as well. And others simply want to repeat this blissful experience because even though you may do a similar Kriya, meditation or guided meditation again, the fact remains that YOU are not the same.

Each new thought you have is creating a new pathway in your brain for change.

Did you know that in your brain, the hippocampus, which is an area for learning is the area that regenerates itself constantly?

The cells in your lungs renew themselves every 2-3 weeks so the long, deep breathing and the breath of fire we do in Kundalini     enhances these changes.

The skeleton is constantly replacing itself which takes about ten years to do completely. So the postures to increase flexibility in our spines is crucial for this metamorphosis.

I could go on and on but you get the picture, YOU are literally a different person every time you come to my workshop! I also was asked to include more meditations to take you to a deeper level. We will do this by sitting with our breath, cultivating the stillness, silence, space and surroundering to allow these experiences to unfold with the meditations presented.

The next workshop will be held at my office again and there will be a cap of 10 people due to space availability. It is now a 4-hr. group to allow you to sink into more life-changing meditations and decide which one resonates with your soul to commit to for the next 40 days. The more intimate group setting will enhance the changes with time for feedback and input.

Dates: TBA

Time: 1:00-5:00 pm

Place: My office, Harbour Bend, 2989 W. S.R. 434, Suite 500, Longwood, Fl

Price:  $65 Early bird price / $70 after

You may email me at petey@newpathwaytohealing.com to reserve your spot! You may send in a check for $65 and reserve your spot to:

Petey Silveira

2989 W. S.R. 434, Suite 500

Longwood, FL 32779

- See more information at:http://www.newpathwaytohealing.com/upcoming-classes/

Here are a few testimonials from previous Kundalini Workshops:

I was completely new to Kundalini so was not quite sure what to expect.  Petey has such a warm, inviting energy that just made me feel instantly at ease.  I’ve been meditating for a number of years yet Petey taught me how to intensify my experience by concentrating on my third eye.  The chakra cleansing meditation was a very powerful exercise; it felt like no time passed yet apparently we were meditating for over an hour! This is testament to how deep and effective the experience was.  It was also the little touches that all culminated to make such a sublime, restorative workshop; the lavender eye pillows, meditation chairs, chanting sheets, essential oils and the welcoming, peaceful space that Petey provides. 

 I don’t think I could even identify what my blocks were-apart from knowing I needed to be more grounded- but I felt quite shifted and cleansed afterwards.  I left the workshop feeling a deep sense of peace and blissful satisfaction, almost as if I was in a bubble.  This residual serenity generated in me provoked even my husband to remark on how it must have been a good workshop, because I returned quite positively altered from the flighty wife that left:-)

 Petey has a touch of magic in her aura, her voice and the environment she creates, all pooling together to make such a healing and transformative experience.  Kundalini?  After years of practicing other branches of yoga, I believe I’ve found my ideal.  It’s the perfect intersection where asana yoga meets meditation.  And Petey, I can tell, with her bright and beautiful charisma and extensive knowledge is the perfect guiding hand to explore the magnificent inner world of You.”Yvette Durham

 “I have know Petey for many years.  I have found that working with her both privately and in her workshops has helped on my journey of self-discovery and healing.  The Kundalini yoga is very different from other yoga I have done and opens your mind and body to spiritual awareness on a higher plane.  The meditations are wonderful and insightful.  If you want to take a journey of self-discovery and healing, Petey is a wonderful guide.” Leslie

 “Petey, I certainly did enjoy your workshop. The three hours felt like one hour!  I’m still feeling the wonderful effects. Even though I’m very busy, I’m feeling relaxed & fairly centered.  I’m usually running in circles about now when getting ready for a trip but not this time. All is flowing smoothly! A few deep breaths & a bit of quiet time & I’m calm & focused (well, at least as calm & focused as I get be!” Bonnie

 Here are some excerpts from testimonials from February’s Kundalini Workshop at Firefly Yoga:

“I felt like I had just gone to a 3-day spa get-away! I felt so zen. I melted out the door, especially after Petey’s guided meditation.” 

“I absolutely loved all the different meditations we did. I’ve been doing the one to cancel out karma from past lifetimes and have felt so present in my everyday life!” 

“Meeting my spirit guide AND talking to my soul was beyond words. I will never feel alone again! Petey has a magical way of deepening my practice in meditation to the point where being in my 6th and 7th chakra just occurs without any work.” 

“Petey is masterful at allowing us to truly experience what Kundalini yoga is all about while giving us the science behind it. My conscious and my subconscious mind are so very satisfied with this workshop. I wish it had been all-day, and I will definitely be at the next one!” 

“I want more! I’ve been to a lot of yoga workshops, and I’ve never left feeling like I did here. I feel like I have so many tools now for when I get anxious, angry or depressed. The breathing techniques and the mantras were exceptional! I’m coming to the next one to learn more Petey!”




 “Honoring The Light Within”

Live Class


Past-Life Regression, Between Lives Soul Regression, Soul Lessons,  Meditation, Letting Go of Anger and Inviting Forgiveness Into Your Life, Discovering Your Soul’s Plan and Dream Interpretation are the topics for this interactive soul group class. In this Aquarian Age, more and more souls yearn for the understanding of why THEY chose and charted this particular lifetime for themselves. Being able to understand why you hand picked each relationship and challenge you have in your life and the spiritual lesson connected to each will be the gift of awareness you choose to give to yourself by the end of this 7 week course.

This class will be LIVE!

Facilitator: Petey Silveira

Where: Harbour Bend Offices-2989 W. S.R. 434, Suite 500, Longwood, FL 32779 on Thursday evenings

When: To be announced, Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

How much? Super affordable! $45 per class or $295 for the 7-week series when paid in full. Pay by cash, check or credit card via PayPal.

***Bonus Gift when you pay for all 7 classes up front:

A message from spirit that I receive specifically for you during my meditation that I will send to you by email at the end of the 7-week course. Learn how I cultivate this skill when you read my chapter, “Ask and You Will Receive” from the book, “The Thought That Changed My Life Forever.”

During each class, I will guide you through the following:

  • Gentle yoga stretches to open class.
  • Empowering mantras to spiritually support the topic of each class.
  • An opening meditation to center you and a closing guided visualization designed for your unconscious to continue to process everything we talked about in that class for the following week.
  • A discussion and group exercises on:
  • Why meditation works, the most popular types of meditations and the particular meditation that will work most effectively in your life.
  • How the mind, body and spirit connects from past lives to this lifetime.
  • The deeper spiritual meaning and purpose of your relationships and challenges in this lifetime.
  • What the “space between lifetimes” is all about, and how it’s possible to connect with your spirit guide.
  • How to release feelings of being a martyr or victim; understanding how to forgive and let go; healing your own emotional pain; and coming to know yourself as the powerful creator of your life.
  •  How to interpret your dreams, allowing you access to one of your most powerful tools in life.
  •  You will experience  a group past-life regression in the last class.

*** For those people that have already participated in one of my Level I “Honoring The Light Within” groups and would like to continue or strengthen their spiritual path, you will have a choice of coming to the specific classes you would like to experience again for $40, space permitting.


Testimonials from summer class:



The “Honoring The Light Within” group was truly a gift to me. The experience gained in regards to meditation, yoga, soul lessons, and connecting with other like minded souls has expanded my life in ways I didn’t think was possible. Being around others who are walking a spiritual path and embracing their journey by taking steps to ‘figure it out’ was the highlight of my time there. The energy in the room each session was exhilarating. The knowledge I gained from Petey through her guided meditations and discussions uplifted me. I continue to use the techniques taught in supplement to my daily routine and feel that they are now irreplaceable. Taking a pilgrimage through my past lives and other selves, meeting my spirit guide, and cleansing emotional blockages are just a few out of the many eye-opening experiences I encountered in this class. A new hope has been planted inside me, and “Honoring The Light Within” is what gave me that extra push to sincerely start spreading my light to others. ~ AmyLyn Judah.



“What a wonderful experience I had being a part of the “Honoring The Light Within” summer group! With such a variety of ages, personalities, and experiences, I left each session with a broader understanding, deeper intuition, a more compassionate heart, and a very clear and focused mind. As a small business owner in my thirties, taking the time every week to deepen my meditation practice and explore more personal resolve has rejuvenated and uplifted my spirit. I was able to come to peace with a few ‘pending matters’ and let go of some feelings that were preventing my light from shining to my fullest potential. Since there is always more work to do, I am looking forward to future sessions with Petey Silveria and further simplifying the flow of my life.” ~ Shannon Kidwell


“If you are interested in a deep dose of understanding how your mind, body, and spirit can work together to help you become all you are meant to be, you’ve come to the right place.  Working with Petey has had a profound, positive impact on my life.  Through this amazing class and private therapy sessions she has been a gentle guiding light, leading me from the darkness of self-doubt, guilt, judgment and painful family relationships to a place of understanding, acceptance and thoughtful communication. Wow is right!” ~ Gail


“I find that I have been energized to get busy writing and researching for my book. This was one of the lovely benefits of your class. I feel more at peace and much more clear. Truly, it feels good to get back to opening up my intuition and feeling more in touch with Spirit.”  ~ James


Having recently completed the “Honoring the Light Within” series of classes with Petey I can honestly say that I LOVED it.  The format and integration of each class was exactly what I needed and wanted. Each class began with  gentle yoga, breath work and a guided meditation. We then began the particular lesson which  included class discussion and ended with another guided meditation relavent to the evening’s topic. Petey has a wealth of knowledge,  is well prepared and enthusiastic. Each topic was informative and enlightening. My favorite classes were “Soul Lessons” and “Past Life Regression”. I look forward to continuing with the next series of classes. ~Leah Rodolpho



Petey’s class has been an awakening for me!  If you are on a journey to better understand your spiritual capabilities and expand your spiritual side, this series of classes will not let you down.   Relaxation excercises and  guided meditations are part of each class, with a particular theme each week.  I find myself looking forward to each week.  I didn’t want the series to end! ~ Sandy



Figuring out how to deal with my issues of not being quite so happy-go-lucky all the time drew me to Petey.  She helped me through the roughest of times & gave me the tools to move forward.  During our sessions, she mentioned Past Life Regression & it really peaked my interest.  Life gets busy & I didn’t pursue the process until I received an email that Petey was holding a group session that included several topics that I wanted to explore – meditation, dream interpretation, past life regression and soul lessons.  Even though I found a way to deal with everything, I still felt like something was missing.  I thought the classes might be the perfect start to filling that void, helping to deal with unresolved martyr/victim feelings & setting me on a path to finding answers.  As each class passes, the meditations, the classwork, the soul work, the comradery & support from my classmates make me want to go farther.   I want to do a personal past life regression to get the one on one answers and guidance, but I love listening to the others & sharing my experiences.  The stories of past lives amaze me, the connections between lives, past & present, the patterns that repeat, etc.  While I have learned only a small part of my past life, it’s an exciting part.  After having many rough past lives, I chose to stay in between lifetimes before this life until I was ready to move forward.  This is just the beginning of my journey to finding out what happened in my past lives to cause my hesitation in moving forward; and who knows, maybe to help me better move forward in this life back to the happy-go-lucky me.   Thank you, Petey, for guiding me on this journey. ~H in Orlando


Some Testimonials from the spring class:


I came into this class with a zest to learn how to advance my soul. I always thought that I had hidden talents and even extra spiritual abilities, however, no book or source has given me as much information as I learned in these 6 classes.

By God’s grace, I came upon Petey’s website and learned about her upcoming classes. I waited in eager excitement for weeks for the class to begin. From the onset, everything I hoped to accomplish and learn were satisfied well beyond what I had expected. The meditation exercises allowed me to go deep into the theta level to discover messages unknown to my waking mind. Especially rewarding was meeting my spiritual guide and meeting my own Soul. Through these very profound sessions I was able to discover my life lessons and to see my truly beautiful Soul. The vision and the messages obtained from these sessions had left an imprint in my mind and a purpose of the person I want to become. If you are interested in getting closer to God and to learn your real purpose in life, this is a class that will forever change you. I couldn’t recommend it more. It is a true awaking!
~ Carly


To meditate effectively, you need to be in an atmosphere of peace and trust. Petey sets that mood and helps you on your journey, wherever it may take you. That sense of peace and trust enabled me to let in and accept what was sent to me. It was very interesting and enabling. Petey’s classes are interesting, informative and most importantly to me, an assistance with my journey in this lifetime. Today, I would not be as evolved as I hope I am, without the work I have done, both in individual therapy and group class, with Petey.
~ Leslie Glogau


I was so truly blessed to be able to join Petey’s class, “Honoring the Light Within” . Petey is a truly gifted teacher and a healing guide to all those searching for answers concerning their soul or their soul’s lessons. Each and every week, Petey leads you on a spiritual path allowing you the opportunity to better understand the spiritual journey you are on in this life time. Each and every minute spent in this class bestows upon you gifts of healing and enlightenment. You leave each class feeling truly blessed!!




Send an email to: petey@newpathwaytohealing.com to save your place in each class. (Note: There are a limited number of spaces per session) I will confirm your spot by e-mail or phone, whichever is more convenient for you.


About Me:

I have been immersed in the world of Metaphysics, Reincarnation, Meditation, Aura Reading and Energy Healing since I was a little girl. My mother and I would frequent the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach to study the readings of Edgar Cayce, the Father of Holistic Medicine and the most documented psychic of the 20th century.  As my desire for more knowledge in this area continued, I earned my Masters in Psychology at the University of Virginia. In 1991, I became certified in Past-Life Regression Therapy from Dr. Brian Weiss, the author of “Many Lives, Many Masters,” which has become the cornerstone technique of my practice.


Over the past 23 years I have continued to master this delicate art becoming recognized as a Past-Life Regression Expert after successfully taking thousands of clients into their past lives to discover where any negative cell memories reflect into this lifetime. In addition to the unique healing work that I do during the past-life memory, I also allow clients to explore the space between lifetimes providing a deeper awareness and clarity.

I authored the self-healing book “Musings To Help the Soul Remember,” and contributed the chapter “Ask and You Will Receive” to the Amazon best-selling book last year, “The Thought That Changed My Life Forever.” My ability to receive messages from spirit during meditation for my clients is the highlight of the chapter. In addition, I have released two meditation CD’s entitled “Peace” and “How to Find Your Purpose.”

On the New Pathway To Healing blogtalkradio show reaching more than half a million listeners, I have interviewed over a hundred New York Times best-selling authors, musicians, and other experts in the metaphysical and quantum science fields.

Over this past year, I became a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and  a Certified Ayurveda Practitioner. With a deep love for teaching, I will be facilitating more workshops in these areas to show how valuable the mind, body and spirit connection is in this lifetime.



The Beginning of Spiritual Awareness


Available Now as Virtual Class -or- Live Class:
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New Pathway To Healing: The Beginning of Spiritual Awareness

As the founder of New Pathway To Healing, it is my pleasure and joy to speak about the new classes I’ll be teaching this fall! I’m weaving my psychotherapeutic training with my metaphysical learnings to bring you the insight that works to create positive change in your life!

These classes will allow you to create the awareness of your soul agreements!

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Unit One: Creating the Awareness of Your Soul Agreements


Let me help you better understand your past so that you can live a better life now.” ~ Petey


Before you came into your body, your soul formed a plan for the life you are currently living. That plan, of course, includes challenges, but your soul intends to rise above the challenges and experience a life of joy. As you live your life plan, you feel peaceful because you know everything is unfolding as it should. You feel joyful because you are doing what you came into this body to do.”


Remember: “The Universe LOVES you and wants you to be JOYFUL! Will you commit to discovering and living your personal soul’s plan?”


Course Outline: 


Advanced Courses:

Virtual Class:

Live Class:

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Typical Topics to be Addressed 

My Professional Journey To Teaching

My Personal Journey


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