Why Do People Have Secrets?

Secrets. Why do people have them, and what do they do in your life? People choose to have secrets for many reasons. One is from a fear of judgment from another person in their life. Another is from their own feelings of failure. Yet another reason comes from being unable to separate themselves from whatever person or deed that they perceive they need to keep secret. Once there is an awareness of the emotional shackles of secrets that have bound them for so long, they can then decide to do the work to release them.

Breaking the chains that hold them down emotionally, physically and mentally is imperative to your soul being able to do its finest work in this lifetime. It becomes impossible to do your best spiritual work when something in your psyche feels so heavy, unresolved and hidden.

Opening up this secret to a trusted friend, therapist or significant other in your life will begin the unshackling. Releasing the words from your lips begins the healing in your body, mind and soul.

Decide today if you have any secrets that are holding you back, down or immobilize your attempt to move forward. If there is recognition, decide on its release. It may be a verbal, written or literally a physical release. Remember, that which stays captive can create a host of physical problems for you. Once you release it, your body responds completely different. Decide today on your secret’s release date.

If you need any help with it, allow me to guide you through its process. Just click here and sign up for coaching sessions with me. I’ve helped thousands of people to break free of the ties that have bound them. I know the process clearly and would be honored to help guide you through it.

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