How to Achieve Awareness


Until there is an awareness of a problem, a need, a direction or the path you need to be on, there will be no movement. Coming to this place of awareness for yourself is crucial to for you to achieve inner peace. Until steps are prepared and walked, the body, mind and soul remain in Read More

How To Feel Joy

How To Feel Joy

Have you ever wondered why there are painful parts of your life to get through? What if there was no pain or discomfort and only pure joy? If that were the case, then I believe we would have then transitioned on from this human lifetime and would no longer have the physical, emotional, mental or Read More

How To Create Change In Your Mind, Body and Spirit


It is easy to welcome change when there has been a space and time to prepare for it. Perhaps the theme this month for you can be “welcoming change.”  It is important to learn how your mind, body and spirit can prepare for it. When you clear out space and allow yourself to hear, see Read More

What Is Past-Life Regression?

3.1 past-life-regression

Let’s really explore past-life regression and reincarnation this month! I thought it best to start here, “What is past-life regression?” The definition of past-life regression is, “a technique that uses hypnotherapy to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations, though others may regard them as fantasies. Past-life regression is typically undertaken Read More

Spiritual Growth


Does spiritual growth stay constant, or is there an ebb and flow to it as well? I’m sure if you looked back on the spiritual path of your own life you would be able to see its evolution to what practices you engage in at the present time. Most of the clients I work with Read More

How To Find Your Dream?


This is one of the most frequently asked questions that comes up in sessions with clients on a weekly basis! “How do I find my dream? How do I get in touch with something I yearn to know?” Is it possible to understand what is being said to you even if you don’t hear it Read More

One Small Change!

4.2 change

Several of my last posts have been about how to receive your message and gave you some avenues to go about doing that. This post can help you begin to act on your messages now that you’ve received them. Remembering that the message you receive can be very small or feel completely life changing. I Read More

Silence Meditation

Feel peace with Silence Meditation.

Silence Meditation is yet another different technique to help you “go within.” Until you are in a space of silence, your subconscious cannot be heard. It is truly that simple. When there is noise from people, places or things, your conscious mind gravitates to it and latches on to it using much of your mental Read More

What Is A Spiritual Awakening?


There is an awakening coming in your direction. It will awaken you to possibilities, endless options, and a silent knowing that you are on the right path. How will you recognize this awakening? There will be a shift in your vibration. Subtle at first and then made more visible to you in all the ways Read More

What Changes When You Meditate?


Since “change” is part of the theme for this month and meditation is one of the most popular topics to my subscribers, I thought I’d put the two together and list the incredible changes that have been documented on the benefits of meditation. If you missed my 10-part series on all of the different types of Read More

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