I feel truly blessed to be one of the contributing authors for the ultimate guidebook to unleash one’s true potential. Recently becoming the No. 1 Best Seller on, The Thought That Changed My Life Forever is simply inspirational and truly fascinating. This newly published work consists of 52 experts who successfully took a powerful new direction because of their one incredible thought. Each page gives so many moments of inspiration and revelation that it will easily guide you to the door where one transforms from ordinary to extraordinary.

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This incredible book has created so much positive feedback that I would love to share with you a few upcoming dates to find more unique opportunities to connect with the thought that is in charge of your destiny.

  March 13               Promotional Debut

 March 20                       The Thought Teleseminar Series         

The Thought Teleseminar Series is a wonderful resource where we are giving you an all-access opportunity to interact with the experts of this book in a year-long, Q&A teleseminar – where each week one of the experts in The Thought That Changed My Life Forever will make him or herself available to you, our most respected reader.

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Musings to Help the Soul Remember is a compilation of written  inspirational musings which will pave your path to peace in this lifetime.

This book is perfect for those of you that love to keep that special book by your bedside, in the car, or at the office, you will enjoy reading Musings To Help The Soul Remember. You can read a few pages and instantly feel the shift in your consciousness that will relax your body and soothe your mind.

The musings are layered with meaning. They are poetic in nature yet the analogies relate to your personal experiences and helping to  bring you back to your happiest and most peaceful memories.

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“Petey has a calm and caring way about her. I consulted her for help with several key relationships in my life. Her Musings To Help The Soul Remember are a must-read for anyone searching for meaning in their life.” ~Karen Inscho


“I loved Petey’s book, Musings to Help the Soul Remember. Journaling on each page opposite her musings on the phrases she suggested brought an awareness to issues I didn’t even know were still there. After journaling on her musings through the whole book, I can truly say I’m at a very peaceful place in my life.” ~Joy


“I used Petey’s book, Musings to Help the Soul Remember differently. I just kept it by my nightstand and every night before I went to sleep I randomly went to a page. It was uncanny how it related to something in my day. After I read the musing I could see how I could think or deal with it differently. It’s a great book to use often. Even when something troubling comes up, I just turn to one of her musings and I am stilled.” ~ Jennifer