The Life of a Buddhist Monk

The Tibetan Buddhist Monk lifestyle

Since the last two posts have been on compassion meditation and this is the meditation most practiced by Tibetan Buddhist Monks, I thought it would be interesting to look at their lifestyle and daily practices.

It seems that I have had a fascination with Tibetan Buddhist monks my whole life. When I saw photographs or videos of them walking and chanting together I always got goose bumps. There was something that resonated deep in my core. Everything came full circle when I finally learned through past-life regression that I had actually been a Tibetan Monk!

If you’re being drawn to this post in particular, more likely than not you had some connection as well with them at some point in another lifetime!

So what is the daily routine of their lifestyle? They rise very early. It is mostly before the sun has come up, so they may be in complete and utter silence throughout the early morning hours. It is that precious time of day transitioning between night ending and the morning birth. The majority of people are still in their evening slumber and the connection between spirit and their heart is most easily accessed in this quiet space.

In these early morning hours they join their brethren in prayer and a communion with spirit as the continuation of raising the world’s vibration with their meditation practices takes place.

Practicing meditation year after year brings the quality of their connection to resonate highly in this lifetime. It becomes pervasive in their daily activities.

There is a detachment. They lead very simple lives and are not connected to material possessions. They are most content with what they have and derive their happiness through prayer and serving others.

They embrace the Buddhist philosophy.

Their food is simple, often consisting of Tibetan bread, some vegetables and lots of Tibetan tea. They study and memorize Buddhist philosophy, learn through debates, and study and write both the Tibetan and English language.
They have all chosen this lifestyle by choice. It is evidenced by their easy manner with each other. There is a joking and teasing among each other as they live their life simply.
After connecting with spirit on such a soul level, it is felt strongly by the villagers and townspeople when they interact with them as they go to market or walk with them in the fields.

It is as if they have a continual aura of light and love about them. It can be seen in their eyes and the gentle touch of their hands as they warmly interact with the children. It is seen in the caring gestures as they visit the sick and the elderly to pray with them and relieve their suffering. As they pass others in the street, the serenity, calmness and joy is palpable as they kindly greet all they met in their path with love and grace.

Each action they do on a daily basis is done with caring, love, humility and grace. You’ll find Monks meditating, preparing their food, cleaning their surroundings, meeting with those who are sick or need help, and walking the streets to lend their strength and devotion to all that they serve with a kind hand.

Compassion meditation can help you walk the same path and feel the same love and compassion for all you meet.

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